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HPS Features

The preferred packaging HPS five-layer CO EXTRUDED low shrink film, is one of our high-performance films. our hps has all the advantages of our rs regular shrink film but also has the added characteristics of low shrink force, high shrinkage factor, perfect low-temperature shrinking effect. our hps works great when packing flexible and irregular objects as well as heat sensitive products. when comparing to any pvc film our hps has a better shrinking effect at the same temperature and can work with TEMPERATURES as low at 220F. Our hps boasts ultrahigh shrinking speeds, high sealing intensity, and high tear resistance During the packing process; it also has a high shrinkage factor of up to 70 percent. the hps has high hot slip performance and can be subjected to static sealing which enables a stable packaging process. the hps is suitable for semi-auto and fully automatic high speed applications. AVAILABLE IN 6” - 50” CENTER FOLDED & 12MIC - 38MIC.

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