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Modifying the Package Aesthetics

Herbert Moosakanian

Consumer are always on the hunt for new and improved packaging designs that can better suit their fast paced lifestyle. New product design can be eco-friendly, practical, and cost efficient. All those changes can contribute to the over-all cost to manufacture the new design. The new changes can be a simple way to bring in more capital to the company in the long run.  

            The company needs to take into consideration the current packaging of their products that can be modified. What is the consumer saying about the packaging in its original form? Many can check out online reviews on the product to find out some of the issues consumers are having. Simple modifications can make big differences in the way the item is viewed by the consumer. The opinion of the consumer is very important because they use the product in their daily lives. The company is able to take into consideration the overall cost it would take to modify the product and find better solutions.

            New technology is creating better machinery that is able to modify many current packaging options. On Packaging Digest, certified packaging professional John Henry states that packages should be designed or selected with the machinery in mind and that design is driven by the market and ultimately the individual consumer.” [From the “Packaging design” []] The overall quality of the product design is based on the ability to have the proper machine that can create the new design at a lower more efficient cost. The modification of the product will be practical to suit both the needs of the consumer and the company.

            Companies that are consistently modifying their packaging to suit the needs of the consumer, have a higher reputation in the industry. The most important factor is to address the issues consumers are having by modifying the current design. The company is able to gather new information about their packaging and how to solve the issue. Simple solutions to common designs are what is allowing the industry to grow by allowing the consumers opinion to be the focus of the company.

A Well Oiled Machine

Herbert Moosakanian

            All faulty machinery can cause injuries to both the workers and the company production line.  Machines need constant mechanical work and services to continue to run smoothly in order to avoid accidents.  A way to avoid injuries, faulty machinery, and a halted production is to sign up for a maintenance program. Most buyers associate maintenance programs as an unnecessary additional cost. When purchasing a new machine one of the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the maintenance that will prolong the life and quality of the product. By adding a maintenance program to a purchased machine with PREFERRED PACKAGING they will take care of all maintenance and services associated with that machine.

            When you purchase a machine you have to take into consideration the lifespan quality of the product. Buying a production machine is a company investment so wouldn’t you want to ensure you get your money’s worth? When a machine goes down because of faulty maintenance the production line is paused. Just like taking care of a car a machine needs to get serviced periodically by an experienced technician. PREFERRED PACKAGING offers maintenance programs with the purchase of all machines. A machine that is serviced periodically will not cause any downtime or have additional issues because they will get taken care of properly, before any issue occurs. 

            PREFERRED PACKAGING offers a quarterly maintenance program that will suit your company’s needs.  The maintenance program includes a certified technician that will be able to help you and guide you with any issue. The program also includes a 24 hours’ maintenance hotline and online assistance. You can visit the website to ensure that the maintenance program you choose will provide the service you are looking for.

            Having peace of mind that a maintenance program can solve the problems of the machine will ensure the company should not have to solve the issues alone. The manufacture will be able to guide and solve the problem for a simple cost.

            Maintenance programs are a simple solution to complex problems that occur in the industry. Allowing experienced technicians to come in a service when you choose allows you to be in control of your manufacturing needs.

Is it the right fit?

Herbert Moosakanian

One of the most commonly asked questions when purchasing a new shrink wrapping machine is, is this the right one for my company? 
I have come across a lot of customers who’ve purchased machines that do not meet their production size, whether the machine couldn’t keep up or it was an over kill.  
Unfortunately, there is a lot of salesman/saleswoman that are just trying to sell and collect their commission instead of catering to your needs. Luckily, there are great solutions to avoid such a headache and wasted time & money. 
1. Do your RESEARCH before contacting any packaging company.  

a. Make a list of all the products you will plan on shrink wrapping.

b. Find out the smallest and largest product you will be wrapping.

c. Figure out what power supply you’ll need to add for a new shrink wrap machine.

d. Try to project whether or not your production will increase in the near future

2. When searching for a packaging company, make sure they are local and if they’re not local make sure they can service out of state.

3. Calculate your ROI (return on investment) on purchasing a packaging machine a. By considering both direct and indirect costs, you can get a more accurate idea of what your savings will be by purchasing a shrink wrapping system. For instance, you might take into account the labor cost of multiple workers with benefits and workers compensation compared to the cost of a semi-auto L-bar sealer over the years.

b. Packaging machines that are able to handle different size products, product counts, and case sizes help increase efficiency and therefore your ROI.

4. Figure out what consumables you will need to purchase with the shrink wrapping machine.

a. Whether you’re shrink wrapping books or cookies, you need to make sure you purchase the correct shrink wrapping material. Polyolefin has become the most popular material in the shrink wrapping process, so make sure to keep room in your budget to purchase shrink film.