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Our five-layer co-extruded polyolefin standard shrink film that our company supplies has a high grade of transparency and low specific gravity which makes it economical and practical. Most of our competitors USe a three-layer co-Extruded shrink film, in turn our film has much higher barrier properties. The rs shrinks in two directions during the packing process, has high tensil strength, stable and balanced shrinkable factors; Once it has shrunk down the seals bead evenly and stay firm, minimize the chance of dog ears around the corners. our rs is cold-resistant, insusceptible to embrittlement and free from toxicity and odors, it is the optimal substitute for PVC type shrink films. It can be used as a dust cover, for shipping, or for product display in a retail space. available in 6” - 50” Center folded & 12mic - 38mic.

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