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Modifying the Package Aesthetics

Herbert Moosakanian

Consumer are always on the hunt for new and improved packaging designs that can better suit their fast paced lifestyle. New product design can be eco-friendly, practical, and cost efficient. All those changes can contribute to the over-all cost to manufacture the new design. The new changes can be a simple way to bring in more capital to the company in the long run.  

            The company needs to take into consideration the current packaging of their products that can be modified. What is the consumer saying about the packaging in its original form? Many can check out online reviews on the product to find out some of the issues consumers are having. Simple modifications can make big differences in the way the item is viewed by the consumer. The opinion of the consumer is very important because they use the product in their daily lives. The company is able to take into consideration the overall cost it would take to modify the product and find better solutions.

            New technology is creating better machinery that is able to modify many current packaging options. On Packaging Digest, certified packaging professional John Henry states that packages should be designed or selected with the machinery in mind and that design is driven by the market and ultimately the individual consumer.” [From the “Packaging design” []] The overall quality of the product design is based on the ability to have the proper machine that can create the new design at a lower more efficient cost. The modification of the product will be practical to suit both the needs of the consumer and the company.

            Companies that are consistently modifying their packaging to suit the needs of the consumer, have a higher reputation in the industry. The most important factor is to address the issues consumers are having by modifying the current design. The company is able to gather new information about their packaging and how to solve the issue. Simple solutions to common designs are what is allowing the industry to grow by allowing the consumers opinion to be the focus of the company.